“Everyday when I wake up, the first thing is to take a selfie.
It's kind of crazy, but I really enjoy it.”

— Abhilasha

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    The key to flawless complexion

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    Make every moment glamorous

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About Us

Hangzhou Gexiang Technology (Ufoto) is a Mobile Internet technology from China, founded in November 2015. Ufoto is devoted to exploring global selfie and photo-sharing network market. With over 10 years of solid experience in image, video tech and product, Ufoto has became one of the leading overseas Mobile Internet technology companies.

Main Products

  • In 2018, Sweet Chat, a LBS and big data based overseas social application, was launched to help users connect with new friends globally. Up to Jan. 2019, Sweet Chat ranked Top 10 social apps in Latin America, the Middle East, etc., and has become one of the most popular stranger chat apps in many countries and regions around the world.
  • Released in 2017, Sweet Snap has became a selfie short video app with over 80 million global users by focusing on core functions such as localized AR filters, dynamic effects and etc.
  • Released in 2015, Sweet Selfie is committed to providing localized and customized beauty experiences to global users. According to App Annie's statistics in December 2018, Sweet Selfie has grown into the largest selfie camera app worldwide.
  • Till January 2019, Ufoto has accumulated over 800 million global users, and ranked top 50 in 50+ countries and regions. There are over 4 million loyal followers on overseas social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Growth History

  • 2019/01 Over 800 million global users & 100 million MAU
  • 2018/08 Obtained US trademarks and patents
  • 2016/12 Awarded as Best App of 2016 on Google Play
  • 2016/06 Over 50 million global users
  • 2016/03 Over 1 million DAU


  • Google Play, Outstanding Developer of 2018
  • App Annie, “Belt and Road” 2017 Top Publisher Awards
  • Facebook, Case Study of 2017
  • Google Play, Selected as Editors’ Choice over 300 times
  • Google Play, Best App of 2016

Corporate Culture

  • Brand Image: Happiness, Confidence, Passion
  • Corporate Vision: Aim to build world’s No. 1 selfie camera brand & create a community for global selfie fans.

Contact Us

Telephone: (+86)0571-56885118

Mail: support@ufotosoft.com

Room 611, Building B,Huaxing Modern Industrial Park
No.18 Tangmiao Road, Xihu District Hangzhou, China

  • Product Manager
    • Responsibilities:

    • Investigate user needs, collect user data, analyze and research user behavior;
    • Responsible for product planning, product function, product requirements definition and management;
    • Follow up the entire product design and development process, promote, control, coordinate product development and release;
    • Analysis of industry and competitive products, tracking the latest trends, competitors research;
    • To deal with departmental communication and coordination, to promote and cooperate with the company's product operation and development.
    • Requirements:

    • Bachelor degree or above, 3 years working experience in Internet products;
    • Familiar with a class of related Internet products, the Internet products have passion, understanding, attention to industry trends, user experience and product details, a complete on-line product experience is preferred;
    • Have a clear logical thinking framework, good at learning, like to find problems and solve problems;
    • Strong initiative, with excellent understanding and communication skills, with the business sector, technical departments and other effective communication, to collect the views of all parties and improve the product;
    • With PRD requirements document writing, product prototyping capabilities, basic interactive skills, technical understanding;
    • Have a strong ability to compress, under a variety of pressures, based on the facts to make a reasonable decision.
  • Data Mining And Algorithm Senior Engineer
    • Responsibilities:

    • Responsible for massive amounts of business data analysis and model design;
    • Use the methods of statistical modeling, data mining, machine learning to build data model according to different application scenarios business requirements;
    • Research bottleneck of existing algorithm, puts forward reasonable improvement measures and solutions.
    • Requirements:

    • Master's degree or above and major in computer, applied mathematics, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, statistics, automation etc;
    • More than 3 years of relevant work experience;
    • Familiar with C/C ++ language, and at least one scripting language, such as Python, Ruby, etc;
    • The use of BOINC and parallel algorithm development experience;
    • Rigorous mathematical thinking, Outstanding ability of analysis and induction, good communication skills;
  • Machine Learning R & D Engineer
    • Responsibilities:

    • Image understanding, machine vision, machine learning and in-depth learning and other cutting-edge technology research
    • Responsible for the development and implementation of the above related algorithms
    • Requirements:

    • Master's degree or above and major in computer, graphics, mathematics, statistics, physics, automation, communication, pattern recognition etc;
    • Image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning, depth learning, data mining, statistical analysis and other fields (Any one) of the research background;
    • Familiar with matlab, python, R, Julia and other scientific computing language (any one can);
    • Experience in face recognition, biometrics, pedestrian detection, object detection and tracking, stereo vision and other areas of experience is preferred;
    • Proficient in OpenCV, Torch, Caffe, Tensorflow and other open source framework is preferred;
    • Strong hands-on, C / C ++ programming experience is preferred;
    • Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;
    • Learning will be the main, strong learning ability; clear thinking, good at critical thinking.
  • Image Algorithm Engineer
    • Responsibilities:

    • Image and video effects algorithm research and development.
    • Requirements:

    • Bachelor's degree or above and major in computer, graphics etc;
    • Familiar with image processing algorithm, with computer vision related theoretical basis;
    • Skilled C / C ++ programming skills, familiar with photoshop, understand OpenGL ES, OpenCV, etc ;
    • In the image filter, image landscaping, code optimization and other aspects of experience is preferred.
  • Android Development Engineer
    • Responsibilities:

    • Independent for the product function module to develop high-quality code, and to ensure the stability and performance of the function.
    • Requirements:

    • Bachelor's degree or above and major in computer etc;
    • understand the fundamentals of Android thoroughly, familiar with how to use the popular Android open source components;
    • Proficiency in Android development capabilities, can independently complete the relatively complex UI interface and animation effects;
    • Relatively solid java foundation, including basic networking, performance, security coding capabilities;
    • At least 1 year of experience in Android development, responsible for complete functional projects;
    • Independent development of a complete Android mobile App is preferred;
    • Thought active, innovative, strong compressive capacity.
  • JAVA Development Engineer
    • Responsibilities:

    • According to the company's business needs, responsible for the company's technology selection, structure structures, the existing architecture to upgrade, analyze the existing system bottlenecks, improve system performance;
    • Responsible for product core function module design, core code development work;
    • To solve the technical problems that arise from the system;
    • Leading the project to key technical issues of public relations, to assist developers to track and solve technical problems;
    • Technical guidance and training for the development team.
    • Requirements:

    • Bachelor's degree or above and major in computer etc;
    • More than 3 years of Java development experience, have a strong hands - on ability;
    • Experience in high concurrent, high throughput, high stability system architecture design;
    • Master dubbo and other NIO framework, distributed storage (fastdfs), distributed cache (redis, memcache), distributed transaction processing program;
    • Proficient in mysql processing mechanism and application scenarios, familiar with redis, mongodb, familiar with the message middleware, such as RabbitMQ and so on.
  • IOS Development Engineer
    • Responsibilities:

    • Independent of the product function module to develop high-quality code, and to ensure the stability and performance of the function.
    • Requirements:

    • Bachelor degree or above, 3 years experience in IOS software development;
    • Familiar with Apps application and development, familiar with iOS application development framework, memory management mechanism and iOS platform GUI design and implementation;
    • Proficient in Objective-C 2.0, C / C ++ language foundation, familiar with Cocoa architecture, familiar with object-oriented programming, network programming, understanding HTML5 development;
    • can provide DEMO or finished software is preferred;
    • Work proactive, careful and meticulous, with good communication skills and team spirit.
  • Test Engineer
    • Responsibilities:

    • Responsible for mobile (Android, iOS), Web-side product testing;
    • Responsible for the development of automated test scripts;
    • Develop test procedures and plans, test and write, design test strategies and data;
    • And products, procedures and other relevant personnel to communicate efficiently and promote the progress of the project.
    • Requirements:

    • Bachelor degree or above, familiar with software testing theory and methods;
    • Familiar with common use management tools, automated testing tools, performance, memory, stress testing tools;
    • Ability to design and develop test scripts independently;
    • Familiar with the common database, skilled use of SQL statements;
    • Familiar with Linux Shell, familiar with the mainstream CI tools;
    • Have Web test, IOS / Android test experience is preferred;
    • Three years or more test experience, familiar with automated testing or programming background is preferred.